Monday, July 14, 2014

Info management for the Kits for Kids fundraiser

Wrapped up a 14-day campaign to promote awareness of and support for the Kits for Kids fundraiser held on Saturday (12 July 2014). See the Channel News Asia report on the event here.

Time spent in the lead-up to the event meant less time available for blog postings on our usual subject over the past two weeks.

The Kits for Kids project involved a hearts and minds effort of a different sort, which still called upon the application of key information management principles and the use of mainstream and social media to get the message across to the target audience (i.e. model kit collectors).

It was fun defining the success factors and key enablers, crafting assorted Facebook posts to seed awareness of the event and planning the information release strategy together with various stakeholders. Astute readers among you can probably tell the similarity in writing style for some Facebook posts. Check out the Kits for Kids Facebook page here

All smiles all-round when the buying frenzy cleared 1,150 kits out of 1,300 for sale within the first two hours - even without a single advertisement to promote the event and with the point of main effort pushed forward via social media - resulting in the happy problem of communicating that Day 2 of the two-day event was cancelled.

The 14-day window was deliberate. Those of you who have followed this blog's views on info management via social media would probably know why this time frame was selected.

It was nice to have met a number of you at the event. Cheers.

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