Saturday, June 28, 2014

Kits for Kids fund raising drive

Now for something different. Please share this appeal in aid of Singapore's Students Care Service (SCS). TY.

By Tan Chuan-Jin, click here for TCJ's Facebook page

Like many, I found the hobby of piecing together a box of plastic parts to assemble a scale model of a plane, tank or soldier a fascinating one.
Do you remember your first model kit? My first was a 'Matchbox' 1/72 scale Royal Air Force Hawk with Red Arrows marking. I remember the two-colour plastic and the clear stand upon which you placed the finished aircraft so that it looks as if it is flying.

This hobby calls for patience and along the way, reading up about the model being built also provided many lessons about military history.

Over the years, my stash of unbuilt kits slowly increased. Collecting it was as much a hobby as building them! There was that thrill of opening the box, pouring through the instructions, examining the details and then putting it aside while imagining the various painting schemes, diorama settings etc. Often not quite getting back to actually building it!

My unbuilt model kits are crying out for new owners who can give them more attention and time. The Kits for Kids charity event will put on sale unbuilt kits from my personal collection along with kits donated by others. It has been heart-warming to see the modelling community step forward by offering their time and kits for this charity drive. We have already received dozens of model kits donated by well-wishers. More are welcome. We look forward to expanding the stash thanks to your contribution, which can be dropped off (logistics details to come).

While many of these kits have sentimental value of the kind that fellow collectors can possibly relate to, I am donating these kits for a good cause as the Students Care Service deserves our support. All monies raised will go to students who need some assistance, and to help them develop to their fullest potential.

Even before the start of the charity sale, corporate donors have already pledged more than $10,000 in support of Kits for Kids. It is a promising start!

Although money can be raised in many ways, this effort is about galvanising our community of modellers to contribute to society in a meaningful way. Along the way, we renew friendships and have a great time - adding an intangible element to the charity drive that goes beyond putting money in a tin.

Come join me on 12-13 July at Kampong Ubi CC in support of Kits for Kids. Catch up with old modeling friends, meet some of our world class modelers who will display their works, and find something that will give you and your children hours of joy.

See you! Do share this!

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