Monday, March 10, 2014

Search for Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370: Updated list of SAR assets

This latest census excludes search and rescue assets staging from Vietnam. The census counts embarked helicopters as part of the SAR team.

Please email me if you have details of Vietnam's contribution or named ships from the countries mentioned below.

Aircraft: 32 aircraft fixed and rotary-wing

11 x TUDM
1 x TLDM
5 x APMM (Agensi Penguatkuasaan Maritim Malaysia, Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency)
1 x PDRM (Polis DiRaja Malaysia, Royal Malaysian Police)

2 x Royal Australian Air Force AP-3C Orion

1 x Royal New Zealand Air Force P-3K Orion

2 x Republic of Singapore Air Force C-130 Hercules
1 x RSAF S-70B Seahawk (aboard RSS Steadfast)

1 x Royal Thai Navy MPA
1 x Royal Thai Navy Super Lynx

1 x Tentera Nasional Indonesia MPA

1 x United States Navy (USN) P-3C Orion
4 x USN Seahawks (aboard USS Pickney, USS Kidd)

Ships: 48 ships in-theatre or en route
16 x TLDM
13 x APMM

19 foreign vessels comprising:
8 x People's Republic of China, 1 Coast Guard, 3 SAR vessels, Jingganshan, Mianyang, Haikou (expected in Gulf of Thailand Tues morning), Kunlunshan (en route with 2 x helos),

3 x Republic of Singapore Navy - RSS Steadfast, RSS Vigour, MV Swift Rescue

1 x Royal Thai Navy

5 x Tentera Nasional Indonesia; 2 x BARSANAS SAR ships to deploy
2 x United States Navy - USS Pickney, USS Kidd (as of 10 Mar'14)


hmmwv said...

The number of false leads should be a lesson that technology isn't everything.

zeenie said...

Our thoughts and prayers go out to all affected by MH370, may all who venture out return safely.

Little.Blue.Boy. said...

2 Vietnamese vessels as well, it seems:

Unknown said...

how long will international forces continue to be committed to the search if nothing is found?

as times goes by, the odds of survivors shrinks and the criticallity reduces. anyone able to comment on how does search and locate forces usually pull back from such missions?

hmmwv said...

The US Navy said that by their book, only the first 72 hours are mandatory SAR.