Saturday, December 7, 2013

Admin Note: Outbound

Just a quick note to inform everyone that I'm now on transit, outbound for another study visit.

Stay tuned for more.

Full reports and firsthand accounts will follow in due course. T'kasih.


Anonymous said...

Free trip by MINDEF for a Malaysian

Anonymous said...

Oh you missed the event of the year in Singapore. Right on the heels of Highcrest.

Anonymous said...

Maybe we dont need the submarines anymore....The enemy is inside but not within the boundary of the island..

David Boey said...

Hi Anon 9 Dec,
Am in Arizona.

Following developments with keen interest. Due to the time difference, it was late morning here when we heard news of the 1:30am presscon.

Netizens in SG who rely on online platforms for their news feeds would be as connected as those of us o/seas.

Embargo lifts soon. Look out for posts on what am doing here.

Best regards,


David Boey said...

18:20 SG time. 03:18 Local in Arizona.

Can't sleep not due to jet lag. More to worrying and thinking over about what was showcased yesterday during the scenarios and ploughing through notes while thoughts are still fresh.

Anonymous said...

Aren't our arty units there?

Anonymous said...

Forging Sabre.

Anonymous said...

Anon December 9, 2013 at 11:25 AM

Maybe the Gurkha contingent and some key police units will be upsized.

Hope the procedures are revamped as well. Before the riot was brought under control, did you notice how a police car (the one hit by the fire truck) appeared to reverse to let the fire truck through and the mob attempted to overturn it? Personnel might still have been in this vehicle. If so, they should have been given orders to withdraw if necessary before reinforcements arrived.

Anonymous said...

While watching the Little India incident from overseas, I couldn't help but recall the movie Demolition Man (starring Wes Snipes and Stallone), where law enforcement of the future can't handle 20th century criminals, because society had become too "civilised." Aside from the Gurhkas, SOF, prison guards and some MP, I doubt if our regular police or soldiers are trained in use of riot gear and tactics. Any thoughts?

Anonymous said...

This is one riot that won't make it into the history books.

Unlike the labour and race riots in the 1950s and 60s, this riot's cause cannot be linked to colonial policies and said to be not "our fault." If there is any criticism of the handling, is also not a "safe distance" in time that allows us to say our 3G tactics have advanced since the primitive days of "back then".

David, if you said there are opportunities for us as content consumers to raise online reporting to a new level, this may be it, because there will be little other discussion.

Anonymous said...

"F-35B aircraft from Marine Corps Air Station Yuma are expected to be flying at Luke AFB from approximately 10:30 a.m. to noon on Tuesday, Dec. 10. The aircraft will be at Luke at the request of senior defense officials from Singapore, who are visiting the base as part of Forging Sabre, a Singapore armed forces exercise taking place at Luke and at the Barry M. Goldwater training range. Singapore is considering purchasing F-35s in the future. "

Anonymous said...

All policemen regulars are trained in anti riot. Of course, Special Operations Command, Star units and Gurkha Contingents have greater focus on these areas. That is about 10,000 to 12,000 policemen right there without activating the tens of thousands reserve units.