Saturday, November 30, 2013

Republic of Singapore Air Force (RSAF) Black Knights aerobatics team stage photo shoot over Singapore city

Residents over eastern Singapore had a sneak peak of precision flying by the Republic of Singapore Air Force (RSAF) Black Knights aerial display team when six F-16Cs in prominent red/white/black team colours, accompanied by an F-16D (in usual warpaint) possibly as a photo ship, flew low over the city skyline early Saturday morning.

The Black Knights team had a cloudless Saturday morning for their photo shoot. According to plane  spotters, the team formed up over RSAF Paya Lebar Air Base around 8:15am before heading southwards in tight formation.

Approaching the city from Paya Lebar Air Base, the six F-16Cs called smoke on about 8 km out and trailed a banner of smoke all the way to Singapore's iconic city skyline, with the chase plane in close contact.

Results of this morning's photo shoot could be intended for Black Knights publicity material.

The reformed Black Knights are due to make their public debut at next year's Singapore Airshow (11 to 16 February 2014).

Update: Image taken at around 11:38 Hotel, update posted at 11:45 Hotel
Black Knights back for another run past the city. White smoke trails. Here's a picture.

 Delta Chevron Flyby
Update: 16:42 Hotel. Video of Black Knights practice submitted by reader Raymond Lee KL. Filmed from Sengkang at around 11:40 Hotel almost directly under flight path. Note the faithful F-16D chase plane following the action at close range.
Chevron Roll

Many thanks to all plane spotters who contributed sighting reports this morning.


Anonymous said...

Maybe the money saved for the fuel can be used for the needy...What a waste of money..and the carbon footprint..

David Boey said...

Dear Anon 5:02 PM,
We live. We eventually die.

Along life's journey, we should also learn to celebrate and enjoy the experience - even as we offer a helping hand to those in need.

Air Force servicemen and servicewomen have been helping the needy, out of sight and under your radar, steadily over the years in more ways than you can imagine.

The Black Knights may not mean anything to you. But I bet the team does mean something for thousands of people who will show up in strength, in awe and in the sunshine (or shade) to watch them fly.

Carbon footprint? Every Black Knights flight since the beginning of time couldn't rival the carbon footprint we saw in June this year during the haze...

Warm regards,


Anonymous said...

Indeed! Hear hear to all those who would crap on everything good in the name of self righteousness. Go Black Knights!

Anonymous said...

Those spouting snide and sweeping judgmental comments about not helping the poor like Anon 5:02 unintentionally reveal their stingy & hypocritical nature. Most likely the poor won't even get a dime from them.

ah seng said...

Anon 5:02 must be Malaysian commenting so just ignore him/her.

Anonymous said...

ah seng, why do you suggest invading Malaysia?

You do realise that the land will be bought with the people's blood, but the government will sell it to you for a price, on a lease. You won't get to own it just by fighting for it.

Anonymous said... lah...if they have done it...why so shy not to show lah it..except they dont care about..except their own righteous

Anonymous said...

"Carbon footprint? Every Black Knights flight since the beginning of time couldn't rival the carbon footprint we saw in June this year during the haze..."

(I'm not the same anon as the 1st commenter)
While I largely agree with what you say, I'd just like to point out that this isn't much of a rebuttal and 1st Anon does have a point that the carbon footprint of fighter jets are certainly quite substantial. Just because there are other sources releasing substantial amounts of greenhouse gases does not make this any less of an issue.
I think my main point here is that your articles have generally been factual and well written, and I hope that this trend will carry on.

p.s. The CAPTCHA is illegible.

Anonymous said...

The first commentator was being flippant, but do you think all facets of our defence expenditures are justified?

who said...

I wonder if RSAF gotten E.J van Koningsveld to be back for re-shoot this time round...he did the 2008 photoshoot and I think most of the photo from the RSAF coffee\tablebook are from him

Anonymous said...

Anon, don't you worry about Bolehland. Their internal problems are so immense theyd be lucky they make it as developed country by 2030. It will be all over when PETRONAS runs of out of oil.

Anonymous said...

That's when I would worry.