Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Blackout, power outage: Eastern Singapore

Anyone else in Singapore hit by the blackout around 12:55 AM 9 Oct'13?

Whole estate in the east was plunged into darkness for around 20 seconds before the power came back on.


Anonymous said...

Why, another electrical price it so important...Malaysia has power outrage also mah...what so different about this..and only lasts for 10 to 20 minutes..

Anonymous said...

Malaysia is Not a so-called 1st world country. Malaysia also does not Constantly boast about its infrastructure or its efficiency. Malaysia is a LOT bigger than Singapore, and it is not half as rich.

This is why David is not comparing Spore with Malaysia and feels this matter can and should be highlighted.

Perhaps you would prefer to wait till the entire island suffers a series of blackouts before these things are raised? Or that a blackout lasts for several weeks?

Better still, why not compare Spore with say Somalia, and tell us how grateful we should be for actually having electricity and proper toilets?

Citizens have been alerting the govt to packed trains here for years now. This problem has yet to be fixed. And it is unlikely to be resolved for at least another decade. Though with the huge influx of people due to come in, it may Never be resolved.

Citizens have also been pointing out the long wait for hospital beds. Will you raise the matter only when You need hospitalisation but cant get a bed?

Tackling a problem while it is still minor, rather than waiting till its major and rampant, can save you a lot of money and problems.

Incidentally, the blog refers to *horrors* a 20 Second blackout, not a 20 Minute blackout....

AhBengBuyKetamineforHorseOnly said...

I is do so much in twenty seconds.

Pbang Sai Tchit Ka Chng, chia png at same time also can.Sometimes can even take (very small) dog for walking. Wah Piang, what garment is tinking?

Close eye strip rifle you think what? Can also clean pantat in dark ah?

damm horrigibal one.

Abukenah Bakar said...

Government blackout is for make babies lah.This is strategic thinking

Boost army intake in 18 years time.

but...20 second a bit short to habis. My mother walk into the room. Alamak betul mampos.

Anonymous said...

I live in the north west. ADSL internet went down maybe at 2pm. Friend's cable broadband as well. Mobile voice and 3G became very spotty at the same time- not sure if caused by the same fire at the Bukit Panjang exchange or caused by spike in demand.

We could only use the fixed line until around 8pm when it went down.

This is why a move like this by Singtel is not in the interests of consumers. It only allows Singtel to cut costs. The truth is quality control by fibre's contractors has been poor and the take up has been low. So according to the press release, "This will help to improve and drive adoption of high
speed next-generation fibre-based services..."