Sunday, September 22, 2013

Guide to Malaysian Armed Forces (MAF) new digital camouflage combat uniform

Paratroopers from the Pasukan Atugerak Cepat (PAC, Rapid Deployment Force) in the Malaysian Army Number 5 with the new digital camouflage pattern (front view).

Malaysian Army Number 5 uniform with the new digital camouflage pattern (rear view)

4 December 2022 update: 

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The Malaysian Armed Forces (Angkatan Tentera Malaysia, ATM) 80th Anniversary Parade on 21 September 2013 gave military buffs an opportunity to view and examine the new camouflage pattern at close range.

Selected Malaysian Army ground units donned the new digital pattern camouflage for the first time at the parade.

The digital pattern camouflage is known by the Malaysian Army as the Fabrik Celoreng Corak Digital Tentera Darat. It replaces the "Tiger stripe" camouflage pattern, known locally as the Baju Celoreng Harimau Belang, which has been the standard camouflage pattern since the 1990s. Please see above image for a comparison of the Celoreng Corak Digital digital pattern uniform and the Harimau Belang pattern it is replacing.

The ATM camouflage uniform has the same design as the current uniform, which is called the Nombor 5 by the Malaysian military. The fabric is understood to be made up of 65% ripstop cotton and 35% polyester.

Colour scheme
Senang Diri understands that detailed studies were conducted at a few locations, with different terrain, to define the geographical and operational requirements for the new camouflage pattern.

Following these field trials, the ATM identified the type and mix of colours for its new camouflage. These are:
Green (Hijau): 40%
Beige (Baige): 30%
Chocolate (Coklat): 25%
Dark Blue (Biru Gelap): 5%

Four criteria are said to spell out specifications for the new No.5. These are as follows:
* The need for the uniform fabric to be durable (Tahan Lasak)
* Comfort for the wearer (Keselesaan Pemakaian)
* Relevance to the ATM's combat environment
* Maximum concealment (Penyamaran maksima)

It is understood that the pattern is made up of a combination of digital pixelated patterns 5mm by 3mm which are broken up at random and fused again using the four colours in the combinations mentioned above. This gives a "Fractal Solution" effect which provides the basis for a good camouflage pattern tailored for the ATM's specific operational environment.

The ATM is said to be planning to issue uniforms with digital pixelated patterns to the Royal Malaysian Navy and Royal Malaysian Air Force.


Anonymous said...

I feel closer to these Malaysians than our new citizens. At least they are civilized and have a moral standard little different from ours. When they settle here they do a much better job of integrating by an order of magnitude.

Anonymous said...

many Malaysian Chinese also serve NS with full dedication.

many even openly declare their hope to one day fight and crush Malaysia and tear the BUMIPUTRA policies to pieces with their bare hands.

Anonymous said...

Bless you my child, God speed, and try not to return to this island again. At least there would be extra oxygen for us to breath here.

Anonymous said...


If you cant take the truth, just hold your breath for 2 minutes.

That is exactly how many malaysians felt everyday when they are on the wrong end of the stick of the bumiputra policies.

If you cant hold your breath, just close your eyes and ears, ignorance is bliss. There is nothing wrong to seek escape from the cruel reality.

Anonymous said...

" 65% ripstock cotton and 35% polyester. "

It should be ripstop - check Wikipedia - to help a minor tear from ripping further.

Anonymous said...


Who are you to tell people to leave Singapore? This is as much our country to discuss, to change and to participate in. You are only the party in power at this time.

You joke about having extra oxygen, but when the mainland Chinese come and leave you with a "Singaporean core" of 40%, that would be poetic justice.

David Boey said...

Dear Anon 23 Sep'13 2:02 PM,
Thank you for pointing out the typo. The post has been amended.

Look forward to seeing Malaysian soldiers fully kitted out in the new camo at the next Eksesais Semangat Bersatu. :)

Best regards,


LaoChiaoLPPL said...

I never get why the Air force and Navy need digital camouflage.

To save money, Air Force should use the same uniform as the Army.

The only units within the Air Force that may benefit from Camo would be Air Defense (same operating environment as Army) and maybe pilots for escape evasion if downed (again...)

Navy requirement is even more baffling. If anything, naval uniform should stand out slightly in case someone gets swept overboard if anything.

Not to criticise Malaysia because Singapore has decided to waste money on this sort of thing.

Other thing about uniforms, boots.

No reason for personnel in Air Force and Navy to be wearing the same sort of combat boots as ground troops fighting in bush country.

Sneakers (design for military use of course)to me are more comfortable and effective.

Finally the goggles. They were designed for high dust environment such as Astan and Iraq. Of course our Army blindly followed suit (fashion)

Surely more reason to introduce ballistic proof eyewear across the services than goggles? Pointless all the modern gear and the average soldier drops his glasses, suffers the effect of severe myopia while trying to find his way round the jungle.

Uniform bahru. Pfft.

SThevetasan88 said...

Comfort, the most comfortable thing about my uniform was cutting holes for the armpits to breath and going commando.

Beat that!


ITKTenteraKilatSial said...

4 types of uniform pattern for Malaysia strongly considered but ultimately passed over :

1) Bunga - Something casual for all occasions particularly if found near Malaysia's National Flower the Hibiscus. whilst great for evening wear during LangkawiAir Show Expo dinners, thought to be a little too obvious.

2) Plantation Nanas Special Cam - Something of a crossover for all plantations, pineapple-like print provides natural pixels to disrput and confuse under Rubber, Palm Oil or Pineapple. Trouble, too often, tourist keep stopping to ask for cocktails as they mistake troops for pool side waiters.

3)Batu 1 Corner - Urban Camo for the soldier taking cover in one corner. Trouble. Superiors complain they can't find their men when they need them. I ask you, too much lah deh, works well also complain.

4)Jual Koyok JB - Perhaps the MOST effective Camo of the bunch. Deployable only for Southern Johor contingency for possible invasion force of spectacle intense army of soldiers easily distracted by merchandise advertisements subliminally worked into disruptive pattern. Unfortunately have encountered grave copyrights issues with this one so pass.


yoursergeantMuthumaniam said...


I cut hole for commando part also. Shiok.

Anonymous said...

Meanwhile one of the most effective armies in the world Israel is still using Olive Green.