Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Republic of Singapore Navy upgrades to Missile Corvettes and Stealth Frigates result in addition of mystery objects

"I was the more deceived." Hamlet, Act 3 Scene 1

Object of desire: An unspecified object on Republic of Singapore Navy (RSN) Victory-class Missile Corvettes (Valiant pictured above) appears to be the same kind of device installed aboard selected Formidable-class stealth frigates (Intrepid seen below).

Aboard RSS Vengeance, 9 May 2013: She had been displayed fully exposed on several previous occasions. But the Navy wouldn't give us the pleasure of seeing her uncovered today.

Under radiant sunshine and perfect sailing weather, she stayed cloaked and tightly wrapped under her spray cover. An mysterious implement of dilution distraction range gate stealing seduction, so near yet so far.

Edging past her at the edge of the bridge wing aboard the Republic of Singapore Navy (RSN) Missile Corvette (MCV) RSS Vengeance, one couldn't resist an accidental side swipe that brushed one's open palm and curious fingers on The Object.

It was the kind of grope you would sometimes plant on the butt of your almost-girlfriend to see what reaction it would evoke. A slap on the face? Complaint to HR? A warm grin that signalled she was up for more? Hrmmm...

The effect of that side swipe was electrifying. One could feel her through the protective cover that was her shield against prying and inquisitive eyes. Her beautifully contoured form, her smooth and well finished stealth mounting, vented exhaust ports were all purposely designed to keep her signature as small as possible.

The thought of getting her zipper undone to gently tease and ease off her spray cover to show The Object in her full undressed glory for some up close and personal touchy feely was most tempting indeed. Fingers would first get to work on the zip fastener, coaxing it to expose a breach in which one's palm could slide inside to feel, firsthand, the handiwork of the Lxxxxxx factory in (country deleted) which made the countermeasure dispenser.

So beautifully designed, the Lxxxxxx launcher is a work of art. A piece of fine craftsmanship that is a joy to read about and marvel over what she can do in various tactical scenarios involving range gates, dog-leg flight paths and emitters.

That first touch would be so special. It would put to rest oodles of speculation on what lies beneath those spray covers and what her tubes can take.

That minor incursion would be exploited if her warners weren't vigilant - the RSN minders were. But problems would of course snowball if one got caught (likely!) red-handed with hands where they were not supposed to be.

And so, being well behaved guests, we didn't molest what was not meant to be touched and definitely banished the attempt to mount the Lxxxxxx mount on the high seas.

But who says we won't go beyond mentally undressing the Lxxxxxx launcher and do it for real, if given half the chance at the Navy Open House this weekend. :-)


Anonymous said...

oh...very teasing !!

C/S 24S

Anonymous said...

Lescut Mr Boey? Just guessing ;)

Anonymous said...


Area51 said...

I am getting a Boner reading this ;P

Anonymous said...

The newly installed dish below the 3D radar is for control of Scan Eagle.

There is another similar dish just behind the launch / recovery Scan Eagle system.

Anonymous said...

Dear David,

I would add that to put an anti submarine decoy on a ship. without anti sumarine warfare capability i.e the MCVs seems illogical. Without a VDS , without a detection system to detect a AsuW torpedo coming your way it seems pointless. Aslo without torpedoes to destroy said Submarine also pointless.

The stealth decoy launchers seem excessive in view of the non stealthy design of the MCV. They have hung so much odds and ends of the MCV that it probably reflects RCS wise like a barn door.

I would hazard a WAG that base on logic , the launchers are common to both classes and they launch either chaff, flares decoys and or anti torpedo CMs depending on circumstances. In short multi role.


David Boey said...

Dear Anon 9:34 AM,
Many thanks for the observation. You are right, the antennae are for Scan Eagle guidance.

Aside to Locke: Went aboard Valiant on Sunday morning. Negligible waiting time as most people were waiting at the grandstand for the show.

The thought of unzipping it (the mystery launcher) crossed my mind but the CO (a LTC?) was on the bridge wing and I figured we shouldn't spoil each other's Sunday.

I guess we'll find out at the next Navy Open House if the thing has been declassified.

Best regards,


Anonymous said...

Dear David ,

No need to strip her, Thanks to the wonders of the Internet I have a positive ID, It's a SAGEM next generation Dagie launcher, Their website brochure shows an almost identical configuration,

it's multi role multi capability as per my WAG. As to wether its an Italian decoy inside its anyone's guess.


Anonymous said...

NOH 2013 displayed a upgraded corvette model, showing two-quad SAM launchers,ie 8 launchers.