Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Admin note

Dear All,
Intend to go through White Paper on population end to end before discussing impact on national issues.

Initial impressions not positive.


Anonymous said...

David, there can be only one conclusion - 6.9 million is ridiculous. 6.9 million in 17 years is highly irresponsible. There is really no sane reason to have so many and so fast.

Of course it's Possible - if people are happy with living in extremely crowded conditions. We used to call these slums in the 1960s, except that future slums won't just be where you live but will cover every bit of the island.

The impact of the hordes of foreigners and the speed at which they will be introduced is highly stressful. Experiments done with rats living in similar conditions has seen far more disease, earlier deaths, really nasty behaviour, an inability to perform etc.

Adding to the stress will be the need for an extreme renovation of the surroundings. Nothing will be familiar anymore. So more stress.

Is this what is meant by vibrancy? If so, it should be stuffed into a certain dark orifice of the body. No, not the mouth or the ear.

If the govt insists on pursuing this course, it needs to go out and annex Johor, and possibly one or two more Malaysian states.

It needs to spell out very clearly how it will provide water and food under All circumstances, and particularly when there are worldwide shortages and when no matter how much money you have people won't sell to you.

And when it comes to power, where exactly it is to going to squash the nuclear stations. Between the hospitals and the schools? Where there were once playgrounds?

And btw, what precisely will it do with all the humongous waste that will be generated?

For 20 years, the govt has not been able to prove that flooding the island - or has this just been ponding so far? - with people will raise Sporeans' standard of living, why on earth will another 2 million change things?

There have to be other methods of carrying on. No one enjoys being choked to death, slowly. And that is what this plan is basically.

Anonymous said...

What will be the % or breakdown of planned foreigner intake? Are we bringing in a Trojan Horse willingly? Suppose you have 1 mil PRCs or 500K Pinoys, what happens when they run riot? You cannot even make it to the mobilisation centres, not everybody have Gurkhas at their doorstep.

Anonymous said...

b happy lor

Anonymous said...

I think you can shut down your blog. There is nothing worth discussing because there is nothing worth defending in Singapore anymore.

Anonymous said...


May I suggest a rough calculation in your next post?

If there are 2.5 million citizens at the time of the next GE in 2016, and 1.8 million are native Singaporeans, how many percent of the native citizens must vote opposition in order for a given constituency to be won by the opposition?

Using the figures I provided, the answer is 70%.

Your government is clearly not interested in hearts and minds. It wants to assure electoral victory the safe way. By importing voters.

In fact antagonism between natives and immigrants is wonderful for them. It will only make immigrants more pro PAP. Few of the pro PAP natives will drop their support, let's face it, the PAP knows they are stupid to support them in the first place.

Anonymous said...

Aiyoh, you all are not elected Member of Parliament lah...What is the point of talking when the 6 WP MPs are in favor for this already lah...

Anonymous said...

Do we have stats of how many NS Men in 2030 will consist of S'pore-born men vs non-S'pore born? I'm guessing by 2030, >40% of our NS men will be foreign-born citizen. I've met many of these people, I do not trust the defense of S'pore to these people.

Anonymous said...

I would recommend you to take a look at the proposed plan 2030 on MND site. Some of the more interesting items which appears on the map includes a road which links up tekong, ubin and singapore. Also, HDB estates in tekong.

Anonymous said...

That would be a sucky commute to work. The MRT would take an hour to reach Raffles from there. By the time it gets to Pasir Ris, full already.

Anyway I think that plan is outdated. Just announced Mindef will be concentrating on Tekong. It would also cut off ships access to Sembawang.

Anonymous said...

Ham kar chan, old man!!!!!!!!!!!! Curse all your future generations!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Can abolish conscript NS. By 2030, I'm guessing >40% of the NS men are foreign-born. You trust these people to defend S'pore? I don't - their loyalties are with some other country.
1.7 million increase in 17 years - 100K a year. More congestion, more train breakdown, more stress & pollution, higher property prices. MIW don't seem to get it. It is precisely their policies of letting in so many foreigners that is reducing the birthrate. Their solution? Continue digging when sinking in quicksand.

Anonymous said...

This blog is becoming more of a political rambling blog instead of a defence blog. The Singapore Navy just ordered another 8 patrol boat and there is no mention of it here. For people who are still interested in Singapore and regional defence issues, I recommend this blog instead

Anonymous said...

To above: The Singapore doctrine is Total Defence.

If you treat us like shit, don't expect any hearts and minds or C2D from us.