Thursday, October 11, 2012

Sea Soldiers outline 4D strategy to protect Singapore's naval bases

Pulled from the archive, these articles published in August 2003 in Lianhe Zaobao, a Chinese language Singaporean broadsheet, showcase the Republic of Singapore Navy's newly unveiled Sea Soldier force protection troops.

The anti-diver hooks that intrigued some readers in an earlier post is shown below. It is a matter of conjecture just how effective this device would be in real operations.

Fishing for trouble: A Republic of Singapore Navy (RSN) Sea Soldier at Changi Naval Base demonstrates how the anti-diver hooks are used to snare underwater intruders.

Deter, Detect, Defend, Defeat: The Singapore Navy's force protection Sea Soldiers demonstrate their range of capabilities in this 2003 article.


Anonymous said...

Unbelievably amateurish & shocking that RSN could have shown press/public that meathooks was their solution to anti diver threat.

Looks like a solution from the medieval age.

Is RSN using larger meathooks now ?

Big Fish

SirRainbowWarrior said...

How about some dolphins? Maybe they can be trained to tickle the divers for fish?

Naval base can double as tourist gahment like to say win win solution.

Ho Tit Chew said...

RainbowWarrior's dolphin proposal is not so far fetched!

Even Mr Bond will have a hard time getting in.

Anonymous said...

I believe all of you have been through NS yourself. You might have been from a different vocation as Sea Soldiers, but I believe respect is what you should have for everyone who is sacrificing the same thing for our nation. If you don't know what the device is or how it works, don't judge. It's actually meant to be deployed from a fast moving boat so that any divers will be pierced by the hooks underwater. It's not a failsafe deterrent, but a necessary one. Please respect what these men have to go through and the apparatus they used each day. We are all Singaporeans.