Sunday, September 30, 2012

Loss of KRI Klewang: Shipyard plans rebuild

Message from North Sea Boats in East Java after KRI Klewang caught fire on Friday arvo, just hours away from her first sea trial:"It’s very sad for everyone, but we will get through this and come out stronger at the end.

"And we certainly plan to go ahead and build again."



FireRetardant said...

Rumour has it they are cancelling the one with the secret flamethrower.

Anonymous said...

This fire raises some obvious questions. First, how could the fire spread so fast? What choice of materials for construction? Not being fire retardent at all? Core material foam was based on air bubbles and not nitrogen? No fire retardent surface coatings?
Second, what about the fire fighting equipment onboard and the yard and crew training to handle it? With so many people onboard, the fire would be detected immediately and could perhaps have been killed by a simple handheld extinguisher? What about the shipyard's own fire fighting organization and equipment?

BajuPutih said...

Those boats seem better for the next Bond movie than for actual warfare.

Pisau Karet said...

KRI KLEWANG need more research