Thursday, July 26, 2012

RSS Formidable keeps new structures under wraps

68, meet 68: The nuclear powered aircraft carrier, USS Nimitz (CVN-68), lurks in the distance as the Republic of Singapore Navy's RSS Formidable (68) cosies up to the United States Navy carrier for a photo shoot during the RIMPAC 2012 war games off Hawaii. Coincidentally, both ships carry the pennant number "68". 6868

Still under wraps are unknown apparatus on the roof of Formidable's helo hanger, which are thought to be launchers for anti-torpedo countermeasures. For more, please see previous post here.

RSS Formidable will sail home for Changi Naval Base less two Harpoons. The anti-ship missiles were ripple fired during a live-fire exercise on 14 July 2012 (US Pacific time) that demonstrated near simultaneous TOT with missiles approaching the target from multiple vectors during the end game. The target ship, quite possibly the ex-USNS Niagara Falls (AFS-3), a Mars-class combat stores ship, was sunk during the engagement.

Each of the Republic of Singapore Navy's six Formidable-class stealth frigates can be armed with a larger warload of anti-ship missiles than other warships in her class.

RIMPAC is due to end on 3 August 2012.

Photo credit: US Navy Mass Communication Specialist 2nd Class Eva-Marie Ramsaran. Thanks!


Military Follower said...

Another high resolution photo...seems like the front ones could be similar to the back

Anonymous said...

Able to share what's the warload of the anti ship missiles?

Anonymous said...

good 4D number ?

David Boey said...

Hi Military Follower,
Thank you for the link. Nice image.

Best regards,


ZZ said...

To all, the structures in front are decoy launchers, similar to but perhaps an updated model of those on the MCVs.

As for the rear structures, their placement seems to rule out CIWS. Do you think they might have to do with flight operations? Are they associated with any UAV?

Anonymous said...

These are all decoy launchers. You need 4 launchers to cover all four quadrants. The frigates are supposed to be equipped with active decoys made by DSO but who knows if these things actually works.

Anonymous said...

The two in the front are chaff launchers. Seen uncovered on MCV and Frigate at Navy OH.

You can see that the frigate's original structure was modified to accommodate those on the rear just by a simple search on

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Anonymous said...

Hi Mr Boey,
May I know what is the gear next to Aster 15 at 5th photo.

Many thanks.


David Boey said...

Hi lionnoisy,
The eight-tube launcher appears to be a EADS New Generation Dagaie System.

The one fitted on the hangar may be a different kind of device.

Best regards,


Anonymous said...

They can be armed with up to 16 Harpoon ssm instead of the usual configuration of 8.