Friday, June 8, 2012

Unknown number of Singaporeans take up A$200,000 bonus to fight for Australian military

FOREIGN recruits - including an unspecified number from Singapore - are said to have joined the Australian Defence Force (ADF) thanks to incentives that include relocation bonuses of up to A$200,000 and fast-tracked citizenship, said the Herald Sun in its 9 June'12 edition.

Figures obtained by the Australian newspaper show 726 international military personnel have migrated to Australia since 2006. This effort to swell the ADF's ranks is said to have cost the Australian government around A$100 million.

Australians interviewed by the Herald Sun voiced their unhappiness with the move. They said the ADF should hire and train more Australians.

War graves advocate John Saddington questioned the loyalties of foreign recruits.

"It's an absolute disgrace," the Herald Sun quoted him as saying. "We are hiring mercenaries."

According to the report, ADF recruits are coming from America, Britain, New Zealand, Canada, South Africa, Italy, Singapore, Poland, Greece and Germany.

No details were provided on age, gender or military vocation of former Singaporeans who decided to take up arms under the Australian flag. This blog understands that at least one former Republic of Singapore Air Force (RSAF) fighter pilot who joined the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) in the 1990s after migrating Down Under was declared persona non grata when his name appeared on the nominal roll for a RAAF detachment that intended to fly to Singapore for a Five Power Defence Arrangements (FPDA) exercise.

It is not know if the Singaporean defence ministry has since relaxed its stance on Singaporeans who enlist with a foreign military force.

"Hundreds of internationals have been lured by the promise of better pay and entitlements - 570 put their hands up to move to the Navy after the force visited Britain in December on a "fact finding" mission," the report added.

A Defence Department spokesman said: "The ADF contributes to the cost of relocating lateral recruits. The costs vary according to the family composition and size, but is typically between $150,000 to $200,000.

"Given the significant cost of training and building experience in new military recruits, this cost represents good value."

Relocation bonus aside, the ADF's foreign recruits are also having their Australian citizenship fast-tracked after just three months of service.

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Anonymous said...

Seems quite ridiculous for Singapore to blacklist ex-pilots who enlist in the RAAF considering that the government happily sent our servicemen to Iraq as water carriers for the "US-led" force including Aussies.

Or maybe they were just upset that they didn't get to score the brownie points for providing cannon fodder to the Americans.

ZZ said...

I'm all for it.

They are better appreciated there. They have less to worry about sneak attacks from their superiors for from shutter-happy members of the public they protect.

Anonymous said...

And SAF have no compunction FORCING foreigners (PR) to serve NS, the same foreigner who will gladly, say go back to communist China, to serve in a military that could potentially be an enemy.

Daniel said...

I wonder whether the day may comes whereby Singapore govt. does the same. I am sure the big brass or echelon have considered this at one point or another.

Anonymous said...

Recently there are more and more locals pure singaporean commenting issue of PR and those second Gen son should have serve "NS"(military). but to me, i think of the other way round,.. First of all, why are we asking this secone Gen or PR to serve ? Are we hoping they will become loyality to this country ???...or are we just wanted to get even with them ??? (cos we are always the one who serve not them in our mind). Esp those from china. Well "There is a Risk" here ! when we are letting this ppl to get in and know too much of our Defence and equipment intel. We will some how compromise our Defence knowledge/intel to this ppls and we will never know abt their truth loyality towards this country.. Dont forget this gentleman, all this sec Gen family are still "in-contact wit their own country". And in most of them, their mind and heart are still wit and follow their own whatever country and family they came from. It is a very Big Risk when our locals are asking all this ppl to serve their part in National Defence. It a Big NO...NO !! In military , we think of the worst case scenario and to ***pervent/act/counter/strike***. I hope ppl will think deeper and dont let our emotion to take over our thoughts..

JohnnyBlaze said...

Hmm, since Singapore Government dont allow Malay soldiers to be in Special Forces (read along the lines carefully) I might be tempted to go and join the ADF for a shot at 2nd CDO Rgt or SASR...

Anonymous said...

You all are talking way too much.

You can talk with all the wisdom, justice and even common sense in the world. Post it online or write in to ST Forums. The people you yourselves put in power will not listen to you.

Anonymous said...

Pointless writing to the ST Forums. Nobody reads that.

Anonymous said...

write in to ST Forums? you must be kidding... who is controlling ST go fig out first before posting comment. If those high up ppls not listening to ppl like us, we will make them pay. Dont forget, their voted have drop alot and this is just the begining if they still dont get a dumb to it ppls.

Anonymous said...

Good luck then. Rather than change and listen to you, they may play it triple safe at the next election.

Even if half the natives become smart and awakened like you, it may not be enough.

-12:08 AM

Anonymous said...

ahhh so i see you are not a real singaporean..or maybe one of the pro, maybe? or maybe not.

But ofcos they will play the cards as they alway have from the past till now. Nothing new about this as many ppls have already knew it.

But time have changed, ppls now tent to listen and watch more closely. And are dare to voices out againt it.

There is a old words saying "dont keep on forcing a person to a corner as you think he is "weak" ! cos when that person has enought of it, he will strike back at you at all cost!!!".

Don't think you are the King's and you will never fall. History has alway's prove it. "NO One will".

Anonymous said...

I can be anybody, so consider the facts and not my identity. Does speaking facts make me "pro"?

Consider that old people are stubborn and they are not that old, they will take a long long time to die off. The population is increasing rapidly, meaning those dead are more than accounted for. You need a HUGE swing in young and middle-aged people to counter this alone. Along with all the other unfairness going on.

Also voting is a safe process. It does not involve all kinds of "self sacrifice". People vote "pro" not to avoid pain but because they are stupid, stubborn, cannot think etc.

Now there are a lot of people talking. But not so many listening and thinking about it. In the first place most talking is online only. Hopefully they must lose some jobs or big living area of their house for them to know. Hopefully that is enough for them to learn.

Anonymous said...

Not that I am pro, or that I want to demoralize you. If I was pro I would not be so direct in telling you this.

I am just letting you know the facts.

We wonder why fewer capable people step forward to serve in the opposition. Capable people would either join a strong party to serve themselves or make bucks some other way, not join opposition for their stupid fellow citizens to curse them. Therefore who can blame the opposition? Or rather, who is to blame? Singaporeans are. For being stupid and not using the democratic rights given to them, I think that getting screwed is a fair, just and deserved outcome for them.

Anonymous said...

13#, after reading your comment, i have to say this. You said you are not pro but to all the words you have type out it already and did name out you are one of the "Pro", it just that you yourself do not acknowledge or to admit it. And by calling Singaporean *Stupid* !!...??? What make's YOU then ? Are you thinking you are one of the most intelligent person then all of other's singaporean ? Or you are Not even a truth Singaporean here and are just wanted to call out name's and to humiliate other's ? showing your own Arrogant Behavior... And as for the other party as you mention, never never look down on them even you are someone in the top class. Or you may fail one of this day by looking down on those person. Their the other party's are learning and are now improving. For those who are willing and have the heart to serve the people and it nation will never look into how they can earn more bucks and rip off most of the country Wealth. A truth leader will think of the Country and it peoples first, Not the other way round. .

Anonymous said...

If you are having this kind of mine thinking that this Country is Your Own Father Company and all you want is to make more bucks rather then serving your own Country then i can call You a "Traitor" to this Nation !! A "Treason" who cause harm to its sovereign. It better for you to get out of this Country and find another Nation that will allow you and your party, family's to rip off all the wealth there.

Anonymous said...

You misunderstood me. I never said this country is mine to do as I like. But hundreds thousands of people are so stupid as to give "some other people" the licence to do so, and renew the licence every few years. They let it get to this point that by the next renewal date, their own voice may be diluted. I am sad to say their last chance is gone.

Last year many parties had strong teams. Not strong also at least better than you-know-who. These parties are not stupid and we should be proud of them. It is stupid people who did not give them a chance.

Am I right to call these people stupid or not?

Anonymous said...

My apologies to you. All those peoples that you mention as stupid are just blindly following and cheated by those sweet talk's. For now, i just hope that this country will not be destroy by this Gov who is controlling the fate and hope other's will just wake up and see what is going on and happening around us. Hope those who voted-in all those ass hole will not cry when they know this country is totally destroy by the evil on one of this day.

Anonymous said...

Hmm...anyone seen an obscure local film called "Perth"

Harry Lee wants to migrate to Perth for the lobsters and cheap land. He now has one more reason to do so.