Monday, May 28, 2012

Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) Special Forces physical training guide; Joint Special Forces Selection Test

As visitors scouted Singapore Army exhibits at the Army Open House, recruiters for SAF Special Forces eyeballed visitors for a few extraordinary people with the makings of elite soldiers.

The four-week physical training programme you see above is part of a recruitment brochure for SAF Special Forces. It has been suggested for individuals who wish to whip themselves into shape.

Four weeks of training is intended to prepare individuals for the SAF Joint Special Forces Selection Test (JSFST).

"The SAF Special Forces are the Elite Soldiers of the SAF," the brochure said.

"Special Forces troopers are specifically trained to conduct highly complex operations and are capable of operating over land, air and sea. They are extraordinary people who are nurtured to perform exceptional feats of daring. They are ready at a moment's notice to respond to the operational demands of the SAF and the Nation. Being a Special Forces trooper is not for the faint hearted. Special Forces troopers cannot be mass-produced. Quality, not Quantity, is what counts."

Looking at the demanding programme, I reckon I'd barely get by Day 1.


Anonymous said...

Chances are that this is the bare minimum required physically of the SF candidate, any one from the combat arms can probably meet this after a period of training, but the psychological and mental aspects will be stressed a lot more than the physical.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

What David posted are just preparatory suggestion for interested candidates.I'm sure the actual fitness is much higher. Anyway, as mention, physical fitness is one thing, mental fitness is also very important.

Anonymous said...

Noticed that though is a 4 weeks selection test. The actual test is only 3 days per week on Mon, Wed & Saturday. Hence is only about 12 full days with days of rest in between and no night activity.

Anonymous said...

French Foreign Legion

Anonymous said...

If the quote in the brochure .....

"The SAF Special Forces are the Elite Soldiers of the SAF,"

Is true

Then SAF Special Forces are not really tier one Special Mission units on par with Delta, SEAL, SAS or SBS

Looks like SAF Special Forces are nothing more than advance level infantry. Maybe on par with Ranger, Marine Reccon, SWCC, UK Parachute Regiment or French Foreign Region. Even compared to these units physical requirements alone the SAF ones seemed very tame.

Wonder if SAF has put too much emphasis on technology and not enough on force development.

ZZ said...

Perhaps so, but we must work with the human resources that we have. These guys are motivated volunteers. Any tougher they may not volunteer anymore. Anyway they're probably "good enough" for a likely adversary.

Anonymous said...

So SAF can only fight enemy that they can handle?

ZZ said...

Which army doesn't and can take on the world? A country ultimately lives and dies by its choices and by the men it can supply in its defence. Since these men have to be volunteers I'm out of better ideas.

Anonymous said...

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