Saturday, February 11, 2012

Singapore Airshow 2012: Seen and heard

Ruffled feathers
Minor ruckus at the Singapore Airshow 2012 site this morning when media pass holders were unceremoniously ejected from the show venue. Some foreign scribes who made their way halfway across the island to Changi and were told to leave before they could even crack open their notebooks/cameras were none too pleased, to put it mildly. Feathers were apparently ruffled by security personnel and Experia staff in red T shirts whose service culture and EQ wasn't exactly world-class.

Media personnel used to covering previous editions of the Singapore Airshow and other world-class air shows would probably agree that the weekend recces before the show opening are vital for working out their game plan for interviews and press coverage before the media circus kicks off.

Dreamliner's nightmare
This gem of a PR gaffe surfaced at a somewhat routine press call staged by American aircraft giant Boeing today. A select group of photojournalists were invited to photograph the arrival of Boeing's 787 Dreamliner at Changi Airport Runway 3 this afternoon. Boeing reps shrugging off jet lag had a wake-up call when one of the (non Boeing) personnel briefing the media said: "Later when the Airbus lands ah....".

For the record, the Boeing airliner touched down safely. Here's proof -->

Airbus Boeing 787 Dreamliner touches down on Changi Airport's Runway 3 on 11 February 2012.(Source: Boeing)


KC Sim said...

It did not help that the red-shirted Experia staff who accompanied the B787 press photographer group later insisted that press photographer may not photograph the B787 being towed onto the static display area! And he then proceeded to photograph the B787 himself! Talk about double-standard!

I was personally shocked by the abusive style of the said personnel who sadly were the ugly face of Experia on the morning of 11 February. I applaud the media photographers who came to do their "homework" before the event kicks off.

I have seen high-handed security personnel at work at the Paris Airshow and was disappointed that these few have outdone their French counterparts.

Carol Anne Wah and Cherie Yeap at the Media Centre on the other hand were stellar in engaging the media and besides handling media requests, they always put in a caring suggestion to bring an extra bottle of water while working outdoors or take other precaution to stay out of the heat. Well done Carol and Cherie!

KC Sim

David Boey said...

Dear KC,
Thank you for giving credit where it is due.

I handle internships for my company and I can tell you Experia is well-regarded among students looking for their IIP/IPP/ITP/SIP.

I plan to be at the show tomorrow - my first trip to the Singapore Airshow since 2008.

Warm regards,


P.S. Nice blog report you did on the 787 arrival

Anonymous said...

I have brought my husband and our houseguest who is attending and what a nightmare for private car drop off and pickup! The organizers could have made better signage with info.

I'm waiting by the outside road waiting for them to arrive by foot! Poor guys in suits on the Singapore heat - praying it won't rain :-)

Taxi cue too long and no shuttle could take them... Waiting for the full story,