Saturday, September 17, 2011

Goodbye Borders Parkway :(

The Borders bookstore at Parkway Parade shopping mall is on its last legs and probably won't see another weekend as a going concern.

During its heyday, the Borders military book collection (complete with mis-spelt sign, see above) was a magnet for defence buffs as its amply stocked collection always promised a fascinating outing.

The writing was literally on the wall once bookshelves started to get noticeably bare some months ago.

With online bookstores offering hard-to-beat rates (including shipping) and insane currency conversion rates used by booksellers in Singapore, sticker prices at Borders were no longer competitive.

Worst was to come when people treated the place like a library rather than a bookstore.

And so it died a slow and agonising death as packed bookshelves were depleted and no longer restocked.

I will treasure the titles I bought from Borders in the past.

My last purchase at Borders today was a reference book on Greek and Roman mythology.

Admittedly an arcane subject but it's a handy reference for finding out about characters such as Heracles who lent his name to a naval radar and an interesting project.

Thank you Borders team members for the many years of happy memories.