Friday, August 5, 2011

Singapore Armed Forces OPFOR training ground

ST Life 4 August 2011

Was pleasantly surprised to see that photographer Ang Song Nian was allowed to take pictures of the oil palm plantation on Pulau Tekong, Singapore's largest offshore island which is exclusively used by the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF).

I have yet to see such a direct reference between oil palm plantations in an SAF training area and those in Malaysia. The SAF also maintains rubber plantations on Tekong and mainland Singapore for its ground forces to stage war games.

The pictures will be part of an art show titled Imagine Malaysia.

The text of the Life! story reads:"Award-winning photographers Robert Zhao and Ang Song Nian both depict the uneasy relationship between the two countries through photographs laden with strong visual puns and symbols.

"Zhao's work features a lion and tiger while Ang's photograph diptych features what look like similar images.

"But one is a Malaysian oil palm plantation, the other is Pulau Tekong, the training site of Singapore's pool of soldiers in the event of war."


Spotter @ Milnuts said...

A bo liao exhibition. And I am curious how the photographer was permitted to photograph the oil palms at Tekong - a restricted area.

Anonymous said...

The artist was insensitive, probably unapologetically nationalistic, but well within his rights.

It seems as though anything unapologetically nationalistic automatically clears the highest hurdle for an arts permit. Where such nationalism is not directed at China.

David Boey said...

It's a unique way of weaving a defence theme into an art exhibition.

But this technique should be calibrated carefully because the Malaysians might get pissed off. The picture basically hints at where the SAF is prepared to operate in.

Anonymous said...

They know. We know that they know. We pretend that they dun know that we know they know.

This main stream media article is not meant for malaysian's consumption. It's for "National Education" purpose and for a certain "BIG Country" personnel monitoring our main stream media.

Anonymous said...

Purely coincidental surely! :D

Anonymous said...

Such sentiments are not helpful. I am concerned less with the antagonistic to our neighbours, than the disturbing overdose of unbridled nationalism spoonfed to our people.

Which is why I denounce the artist as strident and unapologetic.

David Boey said...

Hi Anonymous at 6 August 8:51 AM,
Will be happy to become a poet/painter/photographer for a day for such a NE event.

Perhaps MINDEF will show off how deep Area C really goes.

Best Regards,


Anonymous said...

What does Area C refer to?

Anonymous said...

Were there OCS cadets from the Malaysian Armed Forces? Surely they must have trained in SAFTI live firing ground and step on Area C/D/E etc... certain things just cannot hide for too long lah. Am glad for this friendship forged but at the same time let's not kid ourselves - malay ultras will always be around just as chinese chauvanist do... alert and keep the peace. Thanks David.

Anonymous said...

David, no need to worry, the MAF were invited to the tekong OPFOR village afew years back, its in the news.

anyway, with modern satellite, the MAF must be filled with blind toads if they cannot see the plantation on pulau tekong.

and as someone noted above, we are all pretending to not knowing that should shit hits the fan, its MAF vs SAF.

honestly, i wont be surprised if MAF had a "HDB" village, i will be surprised if they dont have one... hahaa