Thursday, May 26, 2011

RSAF Open House 2011: Republic of Singapore Air Force UAV Command unveils new Bronco variant for UAV command and control; armoured vehicle enhances survivability and mobility

The Air Force's eyes in the sky are controlled from expert hands in this Singapore-made armoured vehicle.

The Generic Ground Control Station fielded by the Republic of Singapore Air Force's (RSAF) UAV Command is the nerve centre for controlling flights by camera-equipped drones known as unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV).

The UAVs are used to observe the area of operations and can also direct artillery fire against enemy positions. Post-strike BDA can also be performed by the UAVs as they orbit the battlespace.

Mounting the GCS onto a Bronco allows UAV Command to keep pace with Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) manoeuvre units. The swimming capabilities of the Bronco give UAV Command more mobility over the battlefield as the vehicle can swim across rivers and move over soft terrain that would bog down wheeled vehicles.

Check out the Generic Ground Control Station - this vehicle is crying out for a sexier name - at the RSAF Open House this weekend at Paya Lebar Airbase.


Jack said...

Dear David,

Can I possibly publish some of your RSAF Open House pictures in my little blog: I will put your link on my post.

I hope this would be OK with you.
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David Boey said...

Dear Jack,
Please proceed.


Jack said...

Thank you very much David. :)
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Anonymous said...

Wow. This Open House, Laser JDAMs are everywhere.

I am impressed! But I don't see the F-16 carrying them, only the F-15SG.

Anonymous said...

3rd Gen RSAF, 3rd Gen Airpower, don't play play ok.

Lim said...

JDAMs? Nicez...i must be looking at other thing instead...

Anonymous said...

not just ordinary JDAMs, but the latest LJDAMs.