Thursday, March 17, 2011

A note to readers: 26 February'11

Hi Everyone,
I am aware that a number of you have been searching this site since 26 February 2011 for postings on Second Lieutenant Daryl Loh.

The memorial notice was noted on the day itself and Mr Lawrence Loh, Daryl's father, is touched that the 10th anniversary was remembered by the Singaporean Chief of Navy in command at the time of the incident.

Mr Loh has granted permission to share this with Daryl's friends: "Yes, I saw the In Memorium ad placed by Tuck Yew. I was both impressed and very touched. It is amazing that after ten years, he can still remember. On my part, I was of two minds about placing an ad. On the one hand, I thought that the 10th Anniversary was a milestone date of sorts, but on the other, I was afraid that the ad would attract another round of phone calls, emails and SMSes from friends, which may trigger another bout of pain. So I decided not to."

The recent memorial marker placed by the Men of Steel has also been noted.

The date 26 March will also be remembered, not just because of Operation Thunderbolt.

Thought for the day: Make training safety your top priority.

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