Tuesday, September 14, 2010

ST Forum clarification

Hi All,
I'd like to clarify that this Straits Times Forum letter isn't mine.

My thoughts on the NSRA have been amply ventilated in earlier posts.


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Sep 14, 2010
My Point
Recognise them
'The SAF would not be what it is today if not for the NSmen of yesteryear.'
MR DAVID BOEY: 'I refer to last Wednesday's commentary ('Consider a coherent structure for rewards') by academic Ho Shu Huang, who said the National Service Recognition Award serves as a reminder that the Government and Singaporeans care about national servicemen. But the award falls short in that it is not inclusive - it leaves out former NSmen. The Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) would not be what it is today if not for the NSmen of yesteryear.'


Anonymous said...

A namesake? Or perhaps something more sinister??? And do the people at 90c know, or even care???

Anthony said...

Creepy.. is this the first time it happened?

David Boey said...

Not so easy to impersonate because 90C has an SOP for checking the identity of Forum letter writers.

So long as DBoey stays off controversial stuff like burning certain ministers, I should be alright... I think. :)

Now there are two of 'em. Double trouble.

Anonymous said...

he sounds like u!!

Anonymous said...

have u investigated as to who he is????

EXCO said...

Hopefully a coincidence, nothing sinister transpired.

Speaking of which, it was a great coincidence to bump into you at USS :)

David Boey said...

USS needed helping hands for the YOG event so I jumped in. Got home after midnight.

I must say it was rather strange making small talk about infantry tactics in the kingdom of Far Far Away... anything to please our guests.

Hope u and your frens had a good time. :-)

Anonymous said...

Poey, any new posts? Where's your enemy now? What is he doing?