Thursday, December 17, 2009

Six months apart

This post has absolutely nothing to do with military stuff.

Here are two pictures of Jurassic Park at Universal Studios Singapore (USS) taken six months apart. Movie magic will turn the concrete drain into a raging river rapids that will carry visitors into dinosaur territory on rafts.

The huge tree trunk is made of concrete and was cast and hand painted in Ipoh, Malaysia.

USS is being built by Malaysia's Genting group. The family theme park will open in January 2010.

24 July 2009

15 December 2009


goat89 said...

Jan 2010???? So fast??? :O
Wanna hear a funny story? I was at the very 1st JP ride at Universal Studios in the US... 3 days before opening. :( I missed Steven Spielberg, etc. at the opening ceremony when I was on my way back home. Cuss and cuss and cuss. ><

Anonymous said...

You look good in your helmet. Where's the five stars that should be adorning it?

Anonymous said...

Ah! can't wait until tomorrow, I will be working at USS.

xtemujin said...

Thanks for the update of the RWS.

Anonymous said...

Hi David, How about organising a walkabout the Resort for the Milnuts kakis?