Saturday, November 7, 2009

Update: Blue on Blue

A reader has asked why the weekly series of rants is titled Blue on Blue. (Yes, the reader is a girl).

I explained that Blue on Blue is military-speak for friendly fire situations when your own side shoots at you. By similar logic, Blue on Blue situations also occur when you open fire on your own side.

Those of you who have been following the series may realise what triggered the series. Please refer to a previous post titled Shooting the messenger. I was initiated into the world of blogs after the Army Open House 2009 incident.

Next week, we'll cast the spotlight on a light and sound show called Exercise Forging Sabre, which is due to see the Singapore Artillery's HIMARS rocket artillery battery make its debut in the United States.

I will not suffer fools and will not tolerate bullies either.

As my posts will show, the bully boy attitude poisons the trust Singaporeans place in our defence establishment.

To everyone who has contributed words of support, encouragement and story ideas, thank you.


FIVE-TWO said...

I see three armed planes, but one crewed and engine cover removed. is this the standby force?

Anonymous said...

I do see some legs walking around the crewed a/c near the back.

As for standby force, I believe RSAF will not just send 1 a/c into air first alone. At least a pair to provide cover for each other.