Friday, April 16, 2010

Advertisement: Attention Divers

Our Marine Life Park will be operational by end 2011.

We will need divers to work in the world's largest and deepest tank, unique night diving experience, mini sub, world's largest glass span tank etc.

Do look out for the job outreach in the coming months.

This is my humble payback for the mahjong story.

If you know, you know. :-)


goat89 said...

Wait wat???? We have, or are gonna, a Marine Life Park? In Singapore???? Well... lets see how it gors... Oh Singapore... how diff have u become since I left. I shall return soon!

David Boey said...

Hi goat89,
The MLP will be the world's largest.

It will have the world's longest "lazy river" experience where visitors can float down a 1-km stretch with stops in caverns and mangroves, with many other "firsts".

The Diving jobs are real. In my opinion, these are a safer alternative to commercial diving as everything will be supervised in clear water tanks.

We're going to start work on a water theme park soon with 11 rides.

FIVE-TWO said...

I wish we will have a whale shark. I know this is not "politically/ecologically correct" but hey, there are still quite a few whale sharks out there, one more is sustainable.

But consider the awe and inspiration to a generation of youngsters, coming face to face with a whale shark across a glass pane.

Anonymous said...

yes i agree...i am a diver and while its PC to whale shark pls...but the sight of a whale shark will let the young kids of spore appreciate the underwater world much more than endless campaigns saving the planet/the environment will ever do..

Anonymous said...

Any idea when the Transformers ride will start? How is the construction progress?

Also, any news on the resumption of the Battlestar Galactica rides?

David Boey said...

Transformers the Ride is due for launch in mid 2011, around the time the sequel to Transformers the Movie will hit the cinemas.

The BSG coaster cars have been field stripped and are being X-rayed. Will take awhile before this is operational again.

Anonymous said...

Apr 20, 2010
RWS cashier accused of theft
A CASHIER who worked at Resorts World Sentosa (RWS) was brought before a district court yesterday for allegedly stealing $10,000 from the casino there.

Lim Ee Wah, 39, is the first RWS employee to be charged with a criminal offence since the integrated resort opened its doors two months ago.

The woman, who was unrepresented, was allegedly caught on CCTV footage stealing the cash at 5.16am on April 6.

Standing in the dock yesterday, she appeared calm when the charge was read out to her.

She told District Judge Shaiffudin Saruwan that she wanted to make restitution.

The judge told her that any restitution made would be taken into account during sentencing.

BRAVO!!!!! BRAVO!!!!!