Friday, January 1, 2010

Welcome 2010

Defence enthusiasts in Singapore have lots to look forward to as 2010 unfolds.

Here are some of the highlights on my calendar. Dates for some events have been omitted for opsec reasons.

2 to 7 February, the second Singapore Air Show. I'm not sure if I'll have time to attend this event as the Integrated Resort I work for would have attained Initial Operational Capability (IOC) by then.

May: National Day Parade 2010 Mobile Column rehearsals.

9 August, National Day Parade 2010: Singapore's 45th year of independence will be held at the Padang, an open space in the city centre. This year's parade will feature a Mobile Column made up of new hardware acquired by the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF).

As with previous NDPs, the parade rehearsals will be as big a drawcard as the actual event.

Several big ticket items are expected to debut in Singapore this year. The Republic of Singapore Air Force (RSAF) should bring home its first Boeing F-15SG Strike Eagles in the first half of 2010.

The Republic of Singapore Navy (RSN) will integrate fully the SH-60B Seahawks with its Formidable-class stealth frigates. This caps a multi-year effort that will finally see the full combat capabilities of the frigates declared fully operational.

I am hazarding a guess that the Singapore Army and armaments company, Singapore Technologies Kinetics, will unveil the long-awaited replacement for the SM1 light tanks in 2010. SM1s are an upgraded variant of the AMX-13 light tanks acquired from Israel and Switzerland. This should be a show-stopper. : )

The Singapore Artillery's first HIMARS rocket artillery unit should also return to the Lion City some time this year.

The Primus ammunition resupply vehicle, based on the Bronco chassis, should also make its public debut. This vehicle is in a Class of its own.

 Militarynuts should view the introduction of new hardware as additional elements of the Third Generation SAF's sensor-to-shooter network. The war machines by themselves are undeniably photogenic, but do remember that each platform has been modified so it can tap into the 3rd Gen SAF's battlefield management system.

 Here's wishing everyone a happy and successful 2010.


goat89 said...

Happy new year to you too Mr Boey

EaseOne said...

happy new year, david.

looking forward to more get-together sessions with the group.

dtwn said...

Unveiling the SM1 replacement? You certainly have me licking my chops. I look forward to seeing you proven correct.

FIVE-TWO said...

is it really possible, finally the MLC30 tanks? *droolz*

on another note, did not some of our AMX-13 came from Indian inventory?

the equipment are undeniably photogenic, that is if we common photogs get the chance to put them in a pose :(

Anonymous said...

A Happy New Year to you too David
Enjoyed reading your blog.

xtemujin said...


Happy New Year 2010 with your family and friends.

Looking forward to the next meet up.

Cheers (^_^)

Anonymous said...

happy 2010 to you david!
look forward to more interesting articles from you!

Anonymous said...

Where can we get a Boey Fan Club T-shirt?

Anonymous said...

Happy new year...David