Saturday, November 5, 2016

Easter egg hunting at the Defence Technology Community 50th Anniversary show

Spent the afternoon at the SG Defence Exhibition, staged at the Sands Expo and Convention Centre to mark the Defence Technology Community's (DTC) 50th anniversary. It was good catching up with old friends.

If you've yet to visit SG Defence, it's worth the trip.... just to hunt for the easter eggs that DTC has creatively hidden among the exhibits. For more about the exhibition, click here

If you can join the dots and read between the lines, you should go home with a fairly good idea where the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) is headed in terms of autonomous and unmanned vehicles. If not, then take the quiz and go home with a DTC50 umbrella as a keepsake.

Among the easter eggs is this sketch which comes without a caption. The unnamed artist from the DTC has drawn what appears to be a counter rocket artillery mortar (C-RAM) system that uses a phased array radar to pick up incoming munitions and relays the commands to a mission command and control (MC2) node that then activates C-RAM interceptors launched from box launchers.

Issit just me or does the DTC50 sketch look faintly similar to the one below?  :-)

Say, did anyone see a sketch of Merkava MBTs?  ;-))

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