Saturday, July 9, 2016

Eight things to note about the Singapore Armed Forces SAF New Armoured Fighting Vehicle

1. It was unveiled 10 years after the project began in 2006.

2. It is due to be commissioned by 2019.

3. It has more cameras than gun barrels.

4. New AFV optronics are designed for the hunter-killer role.

5. Imagine: Glass cockpit.

6. It is the first AFV designed and built in Singapore that shed the 3-metre limitation on vehicle width. The New AFV is noticeably larger than the M113 Ultra it will replace and the Bionix family.

Fast facts:
L: 6.9m, W: 3.28m, H: 3.2m
3 crew + 8 dismounted

M113 Ultra
L: 5.32m, W: 2.8m, H: 2.8m
2 crew + 9 dismounted

7. The relaxation of the width limitation recognises the New AFV's role as a consort to heavy armour such as the Leopard 2SG main battle tank and SAF Armour's future tank-killing vehicles.

8. You should see its stablemate.

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tragickingdom said...

Reminds me of Puma AFV

Locust said...

The AFV's stablemate must be the long rumoured SAF indigenous/local tank with 120mm gun.

I am hopeful SAF will showcase it soon. Singapore joins the few in this world with its own tank.

dtay said...

Looks like a smaller version of the Ajax (Scout SV).
Side note - it seems like a strong hint that the next transport plane will be closer in width to either the A400M/ C17

Unknown said...

I would just add that the solution is not so much "automation" or "reduce manning" but rather seeing manpower and viewing it as a resource scare to be allocated in a system of systems.

Firstly with increased "precision in fire power" do the old force structures apply. Do we still need three divisions etc etc, If the air force is a 100% PGM force and the Artillery a 100% PGM capable force , with more precise firepower could we do with less divisions.

The theory now is one of smaller and smaller battlegroups more geographically spread and mobile. Not automation but more with less.

Unknown said...

Is the turret indigenous?

Unknown said...

Built by IMI

Crimson Crusader said...

While this new AFV will undeniably serve as a replacement to the SAF's current upgraded M113s, I am concerned that it's weight would be quite problematic for airlifting.

Personally, I would want to upgrade the M113s even further for hybrid engine capability for stealth and improved fuel efficiency.

dtay said...

The general trend globally is for a manned vehicle that is both heavier and larger than what can comfortably fit inside a C 130 due to greater demands for firepower, protection, communications and sensing. Unmanned vehicles will fill in the 11 - 20 tonne segment.

Benjamin said...

@ David Is the stablemate the new ARV or something else?

David Boey said...

@Benjamin Ong,
Going by current practice, one could expect a family of vehicles in the stable.

Best regards,


kris said...

WRT your point 3. More camera than gun barrels.
Hopefully this mean we getting something similar to
Elbit Iron Vision helmets and keep our Vehicle Commander
under hatch.