Tuesday, June 2, 2015

SG50 flypast rehearsal by the Republic of Singapore Air Force (RSAF)

This morning, the Republic of Singapore Air Force (RSAF) held its second internal rehearsal for the National Day Parade over Marina Bay.

The aerial practice involved some 48 fixed and rotary wing aircraft. The RSAF is due to stage two more internal rehearsals before transiting to the Combined Rehearsals with other NDP contingents. This will see the flypast conducted closer to dusk (i.e. under poorer lighting conditions), so photo buffs may want to consider capturing the moment during the next few internal rehearsals.

Many thanks to Darren Goh for the images.


HC said...

May I know what is the date and time for the next two internal rehearsals? Thank you.

David Boey said...

Hi HC,
There's another on Tuesday (9 June'15), after 1030H.

Unknown said...

Thank you! I've been watching these flights and wondering what's been going on. It took tons of Internet searching to find your post, but I'm so glad to have an answer. I was so curious! Really, thank you! :)

Mary Pumkin said...

Hello =D Do you have any ideas that the rehearsal on the 4th of July will be island wide (if so where would you suggest for the watching spot?) or will it be on the Marina Bay? I really want to have a look at the rehearsal while I am still in Singapore by this week. Thank you very much!