Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Sneak preview: Fight scenes from Ah Boys to Men

These clips provide a sneak preview of the battle scene for Singaporean film producer Jack Neo's upcoming movie, Ah Boys to Men. The day-long shoot took place along Robinson Road on Sunday 19 August 2012.

The two soldiers are actors playing the part of Singapore Army motorised infantry sent to investigate a bombing in the heart of Singapore's Central Business District.

In this battle scene, Terrex infantry carrier vehicles are stopped along Robinson Road by building debris. The vehicles halt and motorised infantry debus to advance on foot. After debussing from a pair of Terrex ICVs, the duo (part of a larger section) come under fire from Enemy combatants emplaced on a skyscraper.

The Terrex ICVs and real motorised infantry were provided by the 4th Battalion, Singapore Infantry Regiment. The motorised infantry battalion is part of the 6th Singapore Division.

Some comments:
1. It would have been nice if the Terrex ICVs were given a more dynamic role rather than made to sit by the roadside in an overwatch position.

2. The wire cutters on the roof of the Terrex ICVs should have been deployed. They were fitted for urban ops and operations in closed terrain to cut wires and other hazards strung across the road.

3. The weapon detection system with its multiple microphones should have been fitted onto the Terrex. This is the platform's film debut and the war machine should make an appearance with all the bells and whistles fitted.

4. Rather than have the Terrex ICVs halted by building debris, the scene would have been more impactful if a Buffel ARV with dozer blade was ordered forward to bash its way through the obstructions.

5. The Enemy is never clearly identified in this scene or throughout the movie. It is possible that all fight scenes are part of the recruit's day dream. See the interview with Jack Neo, to be posted tomorrow.

Ah Boys to Men is a two-part comedy made by J Team Productions. Episode 1 is due to be screened in November 2012. Episode 2 follows around Chinese New Year 2013.


Anonymous said...

I do agree that the movie will be more exciting but do bear in mind is all the suggested resources avaliable? Even if it is, are these classified equipment or operating proccedure? There is always never enough excitment in a war movie and audience keep on asking for more. However MINDEF always need to weigh a balance how much can be released to the public. Showing a 3G army unit fighting on a urban terrrain is a great leap forward for Singaporeans which was never shown or rather imagine before.

Anonymous said...

I think this movie will be quite good to watch.

Anonymous said...

Showing your equipment is very far from showing all your secrets.

Counter a suggestion by posing a ridiculous question, saying that no amount of improvement will be enough, take the suggestion to its extreme.

Do you work in the government, PAP or National Population And Talent Division?

Anonymous said...

Equipment, proccedure & communication are part of military secrets. Why not try taking photos or videos of military equipment inside army installations since these are not secrets?

Anonymous said...

Why not say it is illegal to look up when you hear a plane coming?

Anonymous said...

To the first commenter: actually, it's been imagined before: