Wednesday, August 4, 2010

NDP 2010 Mobile Column: Ready, Aye Ready!

Maritime Security Task Force

With faces camouflaged, you will hardly recognise the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) warfighters who man the National Day Parade 2010 Mobile Column vehicles.

This photo essay shows you some of the sailors, soldiers and airmen who formed the Mobile Column during the Parade Preview last Saturday.

All of them put in many hours of planning, test runs and full dress rehearsals to get the Mobile Column looking the way it is today.

They're all eager to put on a great show on Singapore's 45th birthday.

Ground-based Air Defence



Singapore Artillery

Acknowledgements: I thank all Mobile Column participants for being such gracious hosts during the combined rehearsals and to the NDP 2010 EXCO for the access. I cherish the opportunity to learn more about how the Mobile Column is put together and I hope some of the curiosity shows in the blog entries. Special thanks to Captain Clarence from HQ Armour for being here, there and everywhere.


goat89 said...

Nice pics Mr Boey!
I actually never heard of Maritime Security Task Force before!

140SQN said...

As usual great editorial by DB :) Am proud of these lads who put in so much. Can't wait for the big show coming up...Cheers!